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Drummer | Lyricist

Music is an enrichment to my life, and throughout the past 14 years, I have sought after the best methods to enhance the lives of others with my music. I'm a drummer and play in two metal bands: Aterrima and Weald & Woe.

Progress, to me, means the embracement and voracious consumption of great works of the past, and the synthesis of it all into future-looking pieces. We may not always be able to innovate, but we strive to be different, better, than we were in the past.

I listen a myriad of musical styles and work to incorporate them into my playing. The result is a blend of extreme metal and modern world drumming. The drums have always been a signal, a primal communicator, the original telephone. As both a musician and writer, I value crafting a narrative. I believe that strong narration, told through the drum set, is the best way to bring value into this world.


My band, Aterrima, in which I play drums and write lyrics. We are currently writing and recording music

Weald and Woe

"And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." - John Muir

Drum Transcripts

Transcribing drums is one of the best ways to learn the instrument; sharing transcripts I've made is just plain fun

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