The word, Aterrima (pronounced A-terre-eh-mah), references the darkest, coldest hue of black imaginable, with which unparalleled affliction, sorrow, and pain is frequently associated. Our world, our way of life, cannot endure our current pace. But it is our goal that our work as Earth’s stewards will reinvoke Nature’s reign: Destabilize humanity's anthropocentric past to ensure a universally connected future.
We believe that a new balance can be achieved, but that it, like the art of playing music itself, requires dynamic vigilance and effortless change. The themes woven into Aterrima’s music are largely centered around the imbalance between humankind and our natural world. Drawing from Metal’s darkness and complexity, Aterrima’s eclectic, experimental approach to music incorporates near-endless influence and exploration to achieve that balance. From Boise, Idaho, Aterrima formed in August, 2017. The band is backed by over a decade of music performance, study and composition.

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