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When you steep the silence between what was and what aught to be, you find only the immediacy of the present. Each moment is, in essence, a combination of past exhalations and little breaths of the future. When a moment lives and ages, matures and dies, it leaves only memory behind; in memory, new seeds grow into new moments and new revelations.

When I began writing in 2013, I had only seedling interest, watered by spontaneous decisions and sticking to them. I was a sophomore in college, yearning to understand myself. Poetry began as a sort of self-discipline, but shifted into self-expression. Through writing I explored the experiences that perplexed or haunted or brought me joy.

Here is a collection of self-expressions. Like tea each piece is bitter, strong, earthy, sweet, unique—yet a synthesis of all the knowledge I glean from the wonderful others around whom I surround myself. I write to delve into the depths of philosophy, spirituality, technology, and, most of all, myself. 


Musings and short updates on my life, my philosophy, my humble understanding.


I publish poetry to untangle the often difficult truths of past experiences.

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